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Share Your Experience

Would you like to share your transfer experience with other students?

Transfer Times is looking for students to write articles about their transfer experience – either those who have recently transferred to a 4-year or those who are planning to transfer.  Peer-to-peer advice is often sought out but hard to find, so we want to help students learn from their peers!

We are looking for students who are community college students and working on transferring or have recently transferred to a 4-year college or university, to share their community college/transfer experience including ideas such as:

  • Tips for new students - if you could do it over, what would you have done differently to make it easier to transfer?
  • What mistakes did you make or challenges did you encounter?
  • If you could talk to yourself when you began community college, what would you have said?
  • Was there helpful advice you received along the way?
  • Were there resources on campus that you found to be helpful?
  • What questions do you wish you asked earlier that would have helped you out?
  • What’s your plan? How to finish your degree as a transfer student
  • Inside my transfer experience: the steps I took to succeed as a transfer student

Students who are interested in blogging a few times during their process of transferring from a community college to a 4-year, could write 4-5 blog posts. Topics could include:

  • What are you doing to help you transfer?
  • Challenges you are facing
  • What is making it easier/difficult to transfer to a four year college
  • What criteria are you using for your decision making process
  • Resources you find helpful
  • How to get financial aid as a transfer student

Articles/blog posts can be between 200-500 words. Chosen articles and posts will be published on our website, included in social media posts and may be printed in the magazine edition.

If you are interested in writing an article or blog post, contact Rachel Schaar at

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