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Past Transfer Times' Scholarship Winners

Transfer Times offers a $6,000 scholarship twice per year for students at community colleges who are transferring to a four-year college or university. Read on for inspiring stories of past winners!

Congratulations to the Fall 2016 Edition Scholarship Winner: Maria Conley!

Maria Conley attends Ivy Tech-Sellersburg and will graduate in May with an Associate of Science in Nursing. After graduation, she will take the National Council Licensure Examination (an exam students must pass before beginning entry-level nursing). Then Maria plans to transfer to a four-year school to begin work towards her Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN).

“Earning a bachelor’s degree will not only make me a well-rounded nurse, but it will push me to achieve my goals,” says Maria. “After earning a BSN, I will be able to teach clinicals and begin my Master of Science in Nursing.”

Maria says once she is a registered nurse, she hopes to be hired on the unit where she currently works. “I would love to work as a bedside nurse while I work toward my BSN. I am also passionate about education and I hope to either work as a hospital educator or teach at Ivy Tech.” Maria would also like to plan and go on medical mission trips.

Attending Ivy Tech was an easy decision for Maria. “Ivy Tech is less than five minutes from my home. When I first returned to school, my daughter was three years old and I was the primary caregiver. I was able to take online and part-time classes in the evenings while still spending the days with my daughter.” Once her daughter started kindergarten, Maria was accepted into the nursing program at Ivy Tech.

Maria says the Transfer Times scholarship will be an incredible benefit to her family. “I have been working several part-time jobs and my husband works full-time. My husband and daughter have sacrificed time with me so I could pursue a degree in nursing and fulfill my dream. With this scholarship, I will be able to work less and in turn, I will be able to work on learning my role as a new nurse, focus on BSN classes and spend more time with my family!”

Congratulations Maria and best wishes!

Spring 2016 Winner: DeVon Ward

DeVon has studied business administration at Wayne County Community College District in Michigan and plans to transfer to a four-year university and continue to study business and entrepreneurship. DeVon said the Transfer Times Scholarship will be a great help with covering the costs of tuition for reaching his future educational goals!


Fall 2015 Winner: Esma Hussein

Esma is a 2014 graduate of Von Steuben  Metropolitan Science Center in Chicago, Ill., where she  participated in student government, the  Muslim Society Association and a  group for women interested  in web design. 

Esma then enrolled at Wilbur Wright College in Chicago, where she is studying early childhood education  and plans to get an associate’s degree. Then she would like to  transfer to a four-year school  to get a  bachelor’s degree in the same field. Esma says, “I plan to be a kindergarten teacher and while looking for  a teaching position, I plan to open a day care business as well.” 

While keeping up with her studies at Wilbur Wright, Esma works about twenty hours per  week as a Computer Lab Aide to help save money for school. “I also love to read books, take pictures, and help other people who are in need,” says Esma. 

 Esma says the Transfer Times scholarship is especially helpful to her since she has seven  siblings, and  three of them will be attending college next year! Last May her  sibling was one of the first to graduate  from college in her extended family, and she wants to continue that legacy. “The Transfer Times  scholarship will help to keep the cost of college down. I am really grateful for this scholarship!” 

Check out our 2015 Winners: 

 Iowa Winner: Kyle Chapman

Kyle is a 2014 graduate of Johnston High School, where he was a member of the National Honor Society, in band and choir  and on the soccer, football and track teams. He also worked approximately 16 hours a  week at a supermarket.             

Kyle then enrolled at the Ankeny campus of Des Moines Area Community College (DMACC), where he is on  the dean’s list, in  the honors program and a member of Phi Theta Kappa, international community college  honor society. He now works  approximately 24 hours a week as a church custodian and is paying for  college himself.       

Kyle is evaluating his transfer options and considering the University of Iowa and a major in political science. His hobbies  include history and music.           

"The scholarship is great!” Kyle said. “The magazine said it was the easiest scholarship ever so I just did the puzzle and sent it in. Now I’m the winner!” Kyle added, “I have friends who already are deep in debt with student loans. I’m trying to stay debt-free which is why I decided to start at a community college then transfer for my bachelor’s degree. The scholarship will really help. It will take some of the burden off.”

 Upper Midwest Winner: Ginger Sternweis 

Ginger graduated from high school in 2001 and began working at the local hospital in the food and  nutrition services area. “I  worked various jobs in that department but after a while I felt like I wanted  something more. I switched to working as an  assistant teacher in a child care center. I did that for five  years and liked what I was doing but still felt like there was  something more for me and the ‘something’  would take more education. So I enrolled at UW-Marshfield/Wood County for the  spring semester in 2014.”             

 By taking summer classes Ginger completed an AAS degree in liberal arts this past May. During her time at UW-  Marshfield/Wood County to date, Ginger has held a work-study job as receptionist in the Student  Affairs office, has worked  in the college bookstore, and works off-campus for a family as a nanny.             

Ginger has decided to continue her education at UW-Marshfield/Wood County in a relatively new program there offering a Bachelor of Applied Arts and Science degree. “The first graduating class was this past May,” Ginger said. 

“It’s a Bachelor’s of Arts and Science degree program, centered on professional development by including internships and service learning and a year-long senior capstone. This degree offers me experiences and learning in variety of different areas.  This will allow me to apply these skills and ‘hit the ground running’ as I enter the workforce.  I am continuing to explore and consider my career options while earning my bachelor’s degree.”           

Illinois Winner: Jenny Baumgart

 Jenny is a 2014 graduate of Mt. Carmel High School where she was regularly on the Honor Roll. She also participated in  volleyball and was on the student council, the yearbook staff, and a member of the Future Business Leaders of America.             

 The summer after high school graduation Jenny enrolled at Wabash Valley College in Mt. Carmel, where  she carried at least  18 credits each semester, allowing her to receive her A.S. degree at the end of this  past summer session. Jenny received a  Presidential Scholarship to attend Wabash Valley College, based  on her high school grade point average, ACT score and  class rank.             

At Wabash Valley College, while carrying her heavy course load, Jenny maintained a 3.92 gpa. And she also worked at a fast food restaurant between 25 and 35 hours most weeks during  part of high school and through her time at Wabash Valley.             

Jenny is now enrolled at a state university in Illinois with plans to major in Communication Disorders and Sciences.

 “I’m very grateful for the scholarship,” Jenny said. “Thanks to Transfer Times!”

Indiana Winner: Everett Berry Jr.

 Everett moved from Gary to Fort Wayne last January and is a 2013 graduate of Lew Wallace STEM  Academy in Gary, where  he was on the JV and Varsity football teams, participated in marching band and  pep band, and was a member of the STEM  City Geeks, a web design club.             

 After high school he attended Ivy Tech in Gary while working full-time as a technician and salesperson at a  tire store. He  transferred to another store in the same tire store chain and is continuing his education at  Ivy Tech in Fort Wayne, where he  is working on an associate’s degree in engineering technology. Everett’s  goal then is to transfer to a four-year college and  earn a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering. Through Transfer Times Everett requested information on St. Joseph’s  College and is now considering his transfer options.             

“Either way, money for college will be great,” Everett said. “I am very thankful.”

Ohio Winner: Hayden Hayes

 Hayden is a 2013 graduate of Zanesville High School, where he was regularly on the honor roll, was a  member of Key Club (a  community service club), and was on the golf team all four years.             

 Hayden then enrolled at Zane State College where he was consistently on the dean’s list and graduated  Summa Cum Laude  this past May with an A.S. degree.             

 Since 2011 Hayden has worked part-time during the school year and full-time summers at a local golf  course, serving as an  assistant in the pro shop. In addition to golf, Hayden enjoys snowboarding.             

He is now enrolled at a University in Ohio with plans to major in biomedical studies and then continue to either medical school or study veterinary medicine. 

“With several years of education ahead of me, I am very grateful for any and all scholarships,” Hayden said. “I really appreciate receiving the Transfer Times scholarship.”  

Michigan Winner: Rebecca Goodno

 Rebecca lives in the country near Conklin, Michigan, located about half way between Grand Rapids and  Muskegon. She  attended high school in nearby Ravenna, graduating in 2014.             

 In high school Rebecca was class president four years and was on the prom committee.  She participated  in volleyball, track,  cross-country and FFA and was regularly on the honor roll.             

 Rebecca now attends Muskegon Community College where she earned a few B’s and the rest A’s last  year. She is also a  student worker in the college’s public relations department where she handles a wide range of tasks, including writing  stories, taking photos of college events, and maintaining the calendar of upcoming events and posting this information to the college website, in an effort to keep both students and the community informed about college events and activities. This fits well into Rebecca’s plans to ultimately earn a bachelor’s degree in public relations/communications. She is currently considering her transfer options.             

In addition to her work at college, Rebecca works summers at a nearby RV park and has raised pigs and lambs for 4-H, which were sold to  earn money for college.             

“Any money for college is a great help,” Rebecca said. “It’s challenging to balance school and work and anything that helps lighten my work time is greatly appreciated.”


Will you be the Next Winner?

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