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A Student's Perspective on Transferring

Transferring schools in the middle of your college career can be overwhelming and confusing. Obtaining the right information from the right resources is key to making the transfer happen smoothly. Here are some tips I would recommend to any transfer student.

Tips for Transfer Students

⇒ Meet with your academic advisor from both your community college and the school you intend to transfer to.

⇒ Go to transfer fairs to see what other schools have to offer – you can see many schools in one place.

⇒ Keep track of the schools you visit – what you did and didn’t like about each school, and also what each school has to offer for YOU.

⇒ Take notes at school visits or bring someone with you so you can gather as much information as possible.

Research Your Choices
Make sure you have enough time to research each school you’re interested in and meet with representatives at these schools – this helped me a lot in my transferring process. After a couple college visits, I was able to narrow down my choices to two colleges in Wisconsin. Both schools are very credible schools and have excellent nursing programs, so deciding between the two colleges was really tough. I made a spreadsheet of what each school had to offer for me and compared the pros and cons. By giving myself enough time to research, I was able to make a clear decision about what school I wanted to attend.

Challenges with Transferring
The challenges that I have faced while deciding where to transfer is that some schools weren’t able to give me a definite answer about school schedules, graduation year or tuition. I found that talking to the right person at a college really makes a difference! Everyone will experience some complications in their transfer process, but as long you are reaching out to the right resources and keeping in contact with your school of choice, the process shouldn’t be stressful or complicated.

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