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Preferred Pathway Programs Lead to Success

The best investment you can make is in yourself. When looking to reach your goal of getting your college degree, it pays to be smart about how you approach investing in higher education. A 2+2 or Preferred Pathway program between a community college and four-year institution can be a smart investment in your future.

How is a 2+2 program different from simply transferring to another institution? 

At Otterbein University, more than 25 2+2 programs are uniquely designed to integrate from Columbus State Community College to a four-year degree at Otterbein.  The campuses have worked together to set out a specific set of courses for you to follow to make the investment pay off.   By following the set plan, you can earn an associate degree along with the first two years of credit for a bachelor’s program.  Community college tuition is usually considerably lower than a four-year school, so beginning your education at a community college can make your educational goals possible.

If you’re considering a similar program, first think about your talents, goals and plans for the future.  Visit both community colleges and four-year campuses to discover if they offer the program offerings you want to pursue.  You want to be sure you find the right fit for you and your wallet. 

Next, consult with an adviser at both institutions to make sure you’re taking the required courses you’ll eventually need to complete a bachelor’s degree down the road.  Not all programs are designed at every institution to fit this transfer model, so make sure you discuss your desired program with both admission counselors.  By doing so, you’ll avoid any last minute surprises before completing your program.  Then work hard, do your best and earn an associate degree along the way.  That’s a smart way to learn. 

With associate degree in hand, you’re ready for more opportunities by capitalizing on your two-year degree and earning a bachelor’s.  Once again, the personal attention you’ll receive from an advisor is crucial to making the transition to a four-year institution.  Don’t forget to inquire about available scholarships just for transfer students. 

Finally, find your place to belong at your new four-year institution.  Once you’re settled into your program, go in-depth with your professors and classmates.  This is the time to join this new learning community by making new friends, contributing to causes and serving others.  Realize your potential by doing internships and getting hands-on experiences in your field, discovering what you love.

Taking advantage of this formula is one way to make the most of your investment.   Two years at community college + two years at a four-year institution = an affordable education that’s priceless.   

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