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How to Make the Most of Your Campus Visit

Transferring to a new school mid college career gives you the opportunity to meet new people, experience a new city and explore new personal and academic goals. And given that college is an experience in itself, experiencing different campuses is crucial to selecting the right college for you.

Discover Campus
It’s time to discover what campus life is like—go visit some campuses! Contact your top five or six colleges and set up a campus visit. Before you go, create a list of things that are important to you. Here’s a list of examples: Do you play sports? If so, do they feature your sport, how are their athletic facilities? Are you interested in clubs and other organized gatherings? If yes, try to set up meet-and-greets during your visit. Do you participate in chapel, bible studies, etc.? What types of spiritual offerings do they have? Will you live on campus? What types of housing are offered and how affordable are they?

And while you’re there, take note of things such as:

  • Campus – Is it lively and fun? Are there lots of events for students to participate in?
  • Safety – Do they have safety features in place? Do you feel safe?
  • Student body –  Is it inviting and accepting? Do they have good things to say about campus?
  • Faculty members – Are they supportive, available, etc.?
  • Academic, professional and personal resources – What’s available?
  • How do they help transfer students acclimate during their first year?

Some colleges even invite students to stay the night for a real campus experience. Overnight stays often include free lodging in residence halls, the chance to meet other future students as well as current students, a campus tour and more. Be sure to ask the transfer counselors at the colleges you’re considering if this is an option—it’s the perfect way to check out campus life.

Acclimating to Campus
Many colleges have unique ways to welcome new students to campus. Welcome programs are designed to help students get to know campus, meet new friends and enjoy fun outings like movies, dodgeball and other sports, social gatherings and more. Often, the best way to acclimate is to get involved! Find your way and what fits for you.

“I participated in a few intramural sports—soccer, volleyball and Frisbee. It gave me an opportunity to meet a lot of different people in different degree programs; it’s also a good way to get energy out.” – Joel Conrad, senior, mechanical engineer major  

Good luck!